Hope One World has been mounting projects in India since 1987. These projects take place in SOS Children’s Village schools which are organised and run by SOS Kinderdorf International, the world’s leading support organisation for orphaned and destitute children.  The fundamental aim of the projects has always been to improve the quality of teaching and learning at SOS Children’s Village schools, by providing a programme of training for teachers and activities for children.


From the very beginning much of the work has focused upon Tibetan refugee communities and their schools, found in widely differing localities across the subcontinent.  This commitment continues into the present, but the involvement was expanded in 1996 to embrace work with SOS schools of Indian ethnicity. Future projects will build upon and extend this activity, with distinct teams being formed, each comprising both tutors and students.  Project teams working exclusively with the Tibetan refugee community will present workshops in northern India at Mussoorie and Rajpur in Uttarakhand.


These projects will normally include two student places.  The application procedure will not distinguish between these projects in India, and successful candidates will be expected to accept assignment to any of these projects at the discretion of the selection panel.  However, any candidate is free to express a preference between the projects within her/his letter of application, and those who reach the interview stage will have the opportunity, if they so wish, to explain further and clarify any preference.


In each project the students will usually stay in one venue throughout.  They will work with the children who are resident in the Children’s Village, either in a teaching capacity or by initiating a programme of extra-curricular activities.  Whilst such extra-curricular initiatives might focus on the particular strengths of the students themselves, the students might equally be asked to work with any age group and with any aspect of the syllabus.  Helping with classes whose teachers are being freed to attend the workshop sessions and giving assistance to pupils with their spoken English are two tasks that are likely to figure prominently in the arrangements.  It will be expected that, in their teaching and working with pupils, the students will embody and display by example the curriculum philosophy which is being presented in the teachers’ workshop.


Hope One World is seeking well balanced, committed students who are able to work within a supportive and open-minded team.  It is not necessary for students to have teaching experience.  The capacity to rise to challenges and to deal with the unexpected will be needed!  The successful student, prepared to offer enthusiasm, stamina and flexibility, will gain the opportunity to share in the lives of children and teachers in a unique and unforgettable way.