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Hope One World [HOW] is an independent charity based near Liverpool UK.

For two decades now, teams of university tutors, school teachers and students have travelled to settlements in a growing list of countries to work with teachers and children in their schools or in their villages. Read more

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HOW student volunteer, “After just five weeks in India, my outlook on life has changed dramatically.”

HOW staff volunteer, “I find it difficult to explain the impact that working for Hope One World projects abroad has had on me . . . It is both a tremendous privilege and a real challenge . . . Yet it is also enlightening”

HOW student volunteer, “The homes that the adults lived in were very basic, but proved to me that it is all you really need. It has made me wonder if I need everything that I have at home.”

HOW staff volunteer, “A genuine exchange of ideas happens. I have come away with my ‘world view’ significantly, and I think permanently, altered and enriched.”

HOW student volunteer, “I enjoyed washing, and cleaning my clothes in buckets – the cold water was often very refreshing.”

Headteacher, India, “This has been a chance to ‘make learning so meaningful’. The workshop will definitely make teaching more effective here, now and in the future.”

HOW student volunteer, “After such an amazingly eye opening experience, I will continue to tell others just what these people have gone through and how much help they still need.”

His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

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An offer you can’t refuse

Please come to my school. Let’s talk maths together. Then I can be successful, get a good job and serve my community.

Pupil TCV maths

Hope One World, “Believe in the power of education to achieve positive and lasting change”



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